Friday, January 23, 2009

Gearing Up

I think it is important to note here that several things in my life have changed recently, and in keeping with that spirit, I probably need to change the direction of my blog. When I started this blog, I had quite a bit more time on my hands, and enjoyed the cooking and recipe's etc. Clearly, when I got the second job, the blog fell off dramatically.

Over the holidays, I found out some bad news in regards to my fertility (or lack thereof) and have completely changed my life around to eating completely healthy, working out, etc. Admittedly my meals have become quite boring. There is the occasinal new recipe but the majority of the time its salad and occasionally a baked or crockpotted lean meat. I will continue to post the occasional recipe but I think I'm going to streamline for the 2009 season to be focused on the garden, the entire process, what I'm growing and how I'm preserving it and using it. So strictly garden recipes, canning tips, freezing tips and "how does my garden grow" will be the focus of the blog for 2009.

In the next few weeks, I will be putting together my planting schedule, my seed order and pouring through the catalogs and companion planting books. So bear with me as I gear up for a new year of perfecting harmony with mother nature.