Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wow. I haven't posted since July. I can not believe it. I have been so busy with the two jobs and all the changes in the garden, yard, kitchen etc. I have thought often of posting a recipe I tried or created without pictures but then decided against it. I have also thought of writing nonsense about my culinary capers without recipes just to keep the blog going but it was not my original intention to do so, so I didn't. Now looking back, I wish I had. Had I done so I would not have months of emptiness on my blog. So I think it is time to just write. I used to enjoy writing back before life got in the way. So I think writing about my garden and culinary experiences will still stay in the spirit of the blog and if not, oh well, its my blog, I can change it if I want to right? Don't worry, I promise to continue with wonderful recipes, just forgive me if I am not as dilligent with the picture updates as I used to be. With time being of the essence and having so little of it, keeping the camera handy to snap food pictures is not really a priority at the moment. As always, good food, and new recipes is.
As we enter into the holiday season (and I do have a vacation coming up in which I hope to work on winter garden projects and try some new recipes..and ofcourse have time to post the results) look forward to renewed energy in the blog and I hope in yourselves.

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