Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally, GARDEN updates

While I have not been doing a lot of creative cooking lately, I HAVE been working outdoors, taking advantage of the pretty weather. So I have some spring Garden updates for you!

We have raked the garden boxes free of winter debris, Stephen tilled them and four of them have been filled with horse manure (two left to do). Two of them have been topped with fresh soil, and one has been retilled and planted with cabbages and various lettuce species. Stephen has also made progress on the new Bean Fences that will hopefully go into place this week as well. Here are some pictures of the boxes in the various stages as of this weekend!
Above is the finished bed newly planted with cabbage and lettuce.
Above is the second bed that has the soil topping and is waiting to be tilled.

Left: Layer of dried manure. Right: Empty bed that has been raked/tilled and is waiting for manure.

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