Saturday, July 19, 2008

Generation Slacker

.....that would be me!! So many things have happened in the past two months that I can not even believe I have not updated my blog. The summer is the busiest time of year, there is no getting around it. While everyone looks forward to fresh produce, days in the sun, family vacations...Steve and I partly dread it: hot days, troublesome flies and bugs, cleaning the pool, yard mowing, etc. This summer, I have been working two jobs on top of everything else so I've been tired and not had nearly as much time to garden and cook. My yard and flowerbeds look terrible. I admit it freely. Our beautiful garden that we were taking so much loving care...yea...well....the weeds are terrible, and we have had some issues. We had such a heat spell at the end of may when all the plants were babies...and it was so dry.....and then a month later we got a deluge of rain...just constant and cooler temperatures that it really did a number on everyone's plants around here. More on that later.

Have no fear though, just because I wasn't posting like a good girl, I was taking pictures of garden and recipes and trying out some new dishes. okay okay, so I few of them I forgot to snap pictures, but I didn't have pictures to go by when I created the recipe so I'm sure you will be fine ..LOL

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finding wonderfully cheap easy recipes using local fresh produce! A summer picture for you: Tedda and Snickers in the yard.

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