Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yard Bouquet

I know my blog is about cooking and gardening and how to make great recipes using what you grow. However, there are also other things you can do with homegrown things and while I will rarely post them, I thought a few quick mentions occasionally would not be a bad idea. Something quick and easy is to make easy floral decorations for showers, parties, birthday's etc. Many people will take some nice long stemmed flowers and put them in a vase but I like to do low floral bowls.

Directions: Take a nice simple crystal bowl and hot glue a square of florists foam in the base. This can be reused multiple times before you have to remove the foam and put a new piece in. Soak the foam in water. Choose flowers from your yard in various heights preferably with woody/stiff stems. For this arrangement I used Salmon Azaleas, burgandy old fashioned roses, yellow snap dragons and purple iris.

Arrange the flowers around the foam. I like to do the tall center and then the low sides filling in the spaces from there. Don't worry about having everything even and precise. Let the flowers natural shapes and colors blend on their own! Easy, Quick, Fun!

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