Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh where are my seeds?

I ordered my seeds. I was so excited...but nothing has happened. The money hasn't come out of my account. I have not gotten a confirmation other then a computer generated email that does NOT tell me when to expect them etc. I'm a little ticked about that.

Today, is supposed to be work in the yard day. However, the bobcat is not to be joining us, instead we get the use of the am I supposed to move piles of compost/horse maneur to my garden with a tractor that does not have a bucket on it? Ridiculous. I really don't see how this tractor is going to help us do anything at all. I woke with a headache and it is RAGING. I didn't sleep well, and now I'm disappointed, its already two hours later then I wanted to start....I am NOT a happy camper today.

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