Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here seeds...whistles

The company I ordered my seeds from, took the money from my account, but still has not sent me any kind of confirmation etc. I will NOT be ordering from them again unless the seeds turn out to be super seeds (that is if they ever arrive). I was really expecting to have my seeds started by now..after all 7-10 days is very reasonable when dealing with ordering processing/shipment time..but NOOOOO; no sign of seeds yet.

The weather has been cool the past week so my yard and garden is still in the same state it was in on the 7th. I did take pictures of the work done but I can not find my cord to my camera. It's always something: computer malfunction, camera malfunction etc. Frustration is my leading feeling when it comes to the hi-tech world. DH who is so great with this kind of stuff will never take the time to do any of it for me..so I'm still stuck in the dark ages.

I have been toying with an idea though. I would LOVE to TEACH people how to garden. I think in an economy like this one "old domestic skills" such as gardening, canning, etc. are vital to family structure and my generation on, is losing that knowledge. I just don't know how I would begin making it a viable business: this teaching of how to be a farming/domestic diva.

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