Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Monday

So I have been very slack this past week. Chalk it up to a string of catastrophe's and a new schedule (so bear with me as this means I have to rearrange my blogging time as well). I do have a few posts to make from last week including:

Boston Ho's (cupcakes)
Cole Slaw (not Ina's)

I haven't even bothered making a menu this week which is going to kill me as my budget is disgustingly low since we bought a riding lawnmower (our's bit the dust awhile back and now our push mower croaked too) with my paycheck this week and hubby had to have computer chips for school on top of that and we had the car worked on. (sorry Cable company, you can suck it, the payment will be late this month) because I refuse to transfer money from savings. Call me crazy, but I don't want to create that habit or next thing you know, your savings will be GONE.

So we shall see what I can magically pull out of the freezer and pantry with maybe some small contributions from the grocery store. I know I have the stuff for:

Bean Soup

Veggie Pot Pie


Some kind of Pasta (I always have stuff for pasta on hand)

What do you do when life hits you all at once and money is tight? Can you pull two weeks worth of meals out of your pantry/fridge (or ass if the case may be!)?

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