Thursday, March 5, 2009


The seeds have arrived after one month. I actually had to write a harsh but polite letter to PineTree Seeds to find out where my order was. They claimed it shipped on February 25th but I have a hard time believing it since it arrived five business days AFTER my letter. Methinks someone forgot the order or wasn't planning on shipping it. Either way, one month even in a busy time is ridiculous.

In addition, when it arrived there was a backorder note for one of my purchases yet they still have my money for it. They could not have told me via email when they sent me a one liner with the ship date (in which they did not even apologize)?

At this moment, I am probably NOT going to reorder from them. I will see how their seeds turn out before I give the final review but I'm a little put out with this company at the moment. So save yourself some trouble for the moment. The prices are good, selection in the catalog seems great, online it is pretty pathetic and underwhelming. Customer Service is lacking and delivery and follow up are currently rated in the FAIL category. Product Quality review is until then, my advice is to not order until checking back with me.

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