Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Lettuce" plant

I accomplished something in the garden this weekend. Okay, so it wasn't MY garden but it is accomplishment. While I was waiting for my taxes to be done today, I dug up a garden bed and helped my Dad plant strawberries. Doesn't sound like much, heh? Well, my dad has a broken foot so he hasn't been able to use the tractors or do anything because of bruising and swelling around the I was digging out Pokeberry stumps in an area near his green house as an emergency planting bed. My shoulders HURT! In exchange, he gave me some BEAUTIFUL baby lettuce plants that are ready from the greenhouse. I'm so excited. I don't care how cold it is tomorrow..I'm planting these babies when I get home from work!!

The downside, I promised a few people I would scan in some companion planting guides and planting schedules..and I didn't. I swear, between the stomach ache Saturday and getting all my stuff together to do our taxes, plus being gone all day today I have not had a chance to get this stuff done! (Partly because I have to hunt for the software to download my scanner to this computer since we had to reload the towers awhile back and it hasn't been done so its not just scanning in some papers and uploading..its an involved process).

They are calling for rain next weekend so I will try my best to get this done this week/weekend. Remember Patience is a virtue! ha ha

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