Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pics of Yardwork

Yea..I finally found the camera cord. While we did not have the bobcat, my Dad did bring the big tractor with the scrape so we were able to level out the big ditch in the pasture, scrape the driveway, remove about 10 stumps and fill in the holes and scrape the sacrifice pasture, plus we trimmed up a lot of dead undergrowth around rose bushes etc. Here are pictures of our work. It probably just looks like like a bunch of dirt but I can see the difference!

Above: The garden-beginning to freshen/turn the soil preparing for spring.

Below Pic 1: the newly scraped driveway Below Pic 2: The scraped manure pile=fertilizer

Above Pic 3: Cleaned out brush from side of the house around old rose bushes.
Above Pic 4: Brush pile in backyard from the day's work.

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