Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1st Garden Gourmet Blog Challenge

I have recruited a group of bloggers to participate in a Challenge. The goal is to do one per month. I have some wonderful ideas on how to expand this and some future surprises in store. What I am hoping to gain from this for everyone is a lot of great cuisine and shared readership. (If that is even a word!) So if you would like to participate along with us, I welcome ALL PARTICIPANTS from a beginning cook to a professional chef!

1st Blog Challenge
After much thought, I think our first challenge will be a little loose in interpretation to see how everyone does. Here are the rules:

1) Make and photograph your favorite Crockpot Soup/Stew recipe. (This will preferably be one that has regional fair or traditional to your part of your country/family etc.)

2) Write up a post on your blog (or email to me if you don't have a blog). Link to my blog from yours. ( Link to this original entry).

3) Include a bit of info about the recipe (is it passed down in your family, from a cook book etc.)

4) I will post copies with links from my blog to yours or just your post (if you email it to me).

5) Entries must be submitted or posted by: March 1st

6) Send me an email letting me know that its done ( (if you post it on your blog) with a link to make sure I see it.

7) HAPPY COOKING and I can't wait to see all your delicious RECIPES!!

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JMJE said...

Hi, I think this a great idea. I don't know if I will participate in this first one b/c of time and lack of a lot of crockpot recipes but I would definitely want to in the future. (visiting from Lady Blogger's teaparty)