Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Busy Weekend

I am behind in posting recipes. I have several, I promise. Being a wife, a corporate woman, keeping the house up, the garden, the pets, budding author, the cooking and the blogging, get to be an overloaded experience sometimes. There are not enough hours in the day and I'm always on catch up mode! How on earth am I going to fit being a MOTHER in there one day?

This morning, the pups woke me up at 6am (on a SATURDAY-they are SOOO grounded). We walked out to a fresh coating of powdery snow. The winter olympics have none and little ole southern NC has it EVERY.FREAKING.WEEKEND? Gaia has her axis twisted in a bunch huh?

Hopefully, this snow won't stop my plans today. Between the SUV and the high of 37, I'm pretty sure the roads will be okay soon and I HAVE to go to the Farmer's Market today.

I'm planning on remaking a few of the newest recipes, maybe doing a photoshoot of the kitchen, grocery shopping, doing our Valentines venture tonight and sometime this weekend visiting my family if I can. The high winds Wednesday took some shingles off our house so my husband has to patch the roof this weekend and I won't leave him up there on his own while I galavant off to the folk's house.

So needless to say, in all that indecisive rambling above, its going to be a packed weekend but HOPEFULLY I will find some time to post some recipes, an article and get caught up again! Hold tight to your fry pans guys and gals, this garden gourmet has a lot in store.


Anonymous said...

How awesome is this blog??? Such yummy, decadent pictures and recipes, I cannot wait to visit again! Stopping by from Lady Bloggers!

Gayle aka Kafka's Sister

Freddae' said...

I'm stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea Party. Now a follower too!!! Can't wait to read more.