Monday, February 22, 2010

My first Blog Award!

Okay, I know these are silly but they are so fun. And of coure my ego, being what it is, preens a little bit. I've recieved a few of these on another blog, but this is the first time the Garden Gourmet has recieved a blog award, and yea, I have a big fat smile on my face. (even though I'm a tiny bit late in posting this.)

So a huge shout out goes to my girl Valentine who is classy, witty, and a lover of all things cheese. MY KIND OF GIRL! Thank you!

The rules of the Award:

Thank and link the giver of the award. (Who wouldn't do this anyway?)

Copy the award to my blog. (Well Duh, who wouldn't do that either?)

D. List seven interesting things about myself.

1. I am obsessed with cooking. (What, you didn't know that?)

2. I love gardening. (I'm really shocking you here today aren't I?)

3. I flirt with danger. No really, I still TAN, IN FULL SUN with OIL despite all those pesky skin cancer warnings. Come ON, you expect me to float in my pool for hours and not rotessirie myself? Please. I'm southern, I bake and fry everything including my own skin.

4. I love to mow the yard if I have time. It's a chore when I'm strapped for time (which is most often) but occasionally when there isn't much to do for some reaon, I love to mow.

5. I have an obsession with putting clothes on my dog. I've never been a little dog person or one to dress them up other than fancy colors and bandannas. But since getting my tiny female Doxie who shivers and loves sweaters, I'm obsessed with buying clothes for her. She has quite the wardrobe.

6. I LOVE to bake. LOVE. There is nothing more pleasing then popping a hot, fluffy cake out of the oven or biting into fresh warm, oozing cookies with a cold glass of milk. (Just don't tell my husband, he might be offended.)

7. If I could afford to, I would have fresh cut flowers all over my house, every day. I love candles and flowers but for some reason, I can't grow flowers. I can grow veggies, but not flowers. And I can't afford to BUY cut flowers. But there is nothing better than a southern ladies tea party with good girlfriends, fresh flowers, awesome food, and lots of gossiping on a spring afternoon. (I think I was born in the wrong decade.)

Now I have to nominate seven bloggers for this award. I'm sure some of them have gotten them before but I don't care:

1) FK. I love her new fashion blog and I'm hoping she will include some great garden friendly duds at some point just for little ole me *wink*

2) Isha's Scoreboard because I know what its like to struggle losing weight. Especially when she is faithfully trying my recipes almost every week! Love you girl.

3)Mama Bird, a new blog friend I found through the Lady Bloggers who has some great recipes and a charming personality.

4)Tracey, new to the blogging world, she's getting her writer's feet wet and ofcourse, she is required to rave about my cooking since she's my sister and all. *wink*

5)Mrs. Rootbeer, who I just have much love for.

6) Stephanie, ofcourse, as my co-conspirator in all things tasty, I love the recipes she leaves on this blog, like a kid on Christmas, I get so excited to see what Santa Steph has cooked up!

7) Jlee, my girl appreciates good food, good friends, and babies, all wrapped up in a sarcastic witty package. How can you not love her?

That's it! there are so many blogs I read, so many friends I have who blog, and I just want to tell you all, I love sharing your adventures, recipes, and life stories. Keep living, eating, cooking and sharing. Now go forth everyone and follow these rules for your blog award!

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Mama Bird said...

SHUT UP!! Thanks for sharing the award!! I saw on your profile you are from NC. Me too!! Are you in NC now? Look forward to getting to know you better!! Thanks AGAIN!!