Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Embarrassing Food Explorations

Have you ever had one of those extremely embarrassing moments that in hindsight really wasn't that bad?

I had one of those yesterday. I was tired, I didn't want to go to the grocery store but I did it anyway. I hopped over to Aldi's directly after work with the plan to grab what I could and pop into the ever-hated and dreaded Walmart afterwards. ( I despise Walmart but sometimes its a necessary evil to stay within budget for a few items if they aren't on sale elsewhere).

Aldi's was PACKED. I finally got everything I needed. Stood in line for 15 minutes, unloaded my cart, get to the cash register only to realize, I can't find my debit card. I'm tearing everything out of my purse, which at this point looks like a medicine bag with my emergency inhaler, EPI pen, allergy meds, liquid benedryl, IBProfen etc. I seriously hate meds and only carry these out of necessity but only take the allergy pills on a daily basis. Swearsies.

I look at the cashier desperately with pleading in my eyes and whisper, "do you take checks?" She glares at me and says "Cash or debit ONLY." very loudly. I glance behind me at the long line of crossed arms and scowling stares. Shove everything back into my purse, and squeak out "I'm so sorry, I must have left my debit card in my jeans."

I flee with my head down as people are shaking their heads. I wanted to scream: " I can afford my frozen peas, olive oil and mozzerella people. Haven't you EVER forgotten your debit card before?!" But I didn't. I slunk home. Almost in tears, I called my husband and asked him to search his car for the debit card since I took his vehicle to get gas for the tiller which is the last place I remember having the card.

It wasn't there. So disheartened and embarrassed I changed into pajamas and started cleaning my house. I could NOT remember what pair of pants I had worn to church (which is what I had on when I went to get the gas). I finally remembered and checked the pocket. SUCCESS! It was like a ray of sunlight shining into my closet and a choir of angels broke into song! My dignity was saved. I could buy groceries!

Despite knowing it was more embarrassing then it should have been in reality, I still couldn't muster the energy to change clothes and go back to the stores. So I threw together dinner from the freezer and continued cleaning.

Am I overly dramatic and silly? Probably. You can't tell me that it hasn't happened to you though. What was your most embarrassing food shopping experience? Do people judge what's in your cart and comment? Did you break a jar of pickled peaches in the aisle? Do share.


Amanda said...

I have forgotten my card multiple times and it stinks that Aldi only takes cash or debit but I suppose that is all part of their cost saving.

I had a nice embarrassing moment last week. I was rushing around in Target (boyfriend did not want to be there) and realized I wanted to get a bra, saw a sale rack and grabbed one in nude and in my size. I get home to put it on and it was a nursing bra....yeah I haven't taken it back yet because I am too embarrassed to make the return.

TraceyT said...

Well I have so many... The very first time I went to Whole Foods is popping into my head. I pulled into the parking lot full of Mercedes and BMW's and went round and round until finally I found a spot to park my mini-van. I walked in as though I had been there many times. Women squeezed fruit and sniffed veggies with thier Coach bags hung on their arm. I saw a beautiful package of fruit and picked it up only to realize it was like 45 dollars for a pound of fruit. I tried not to throw it down like it was on fire but gently put it back where it went. I was heading for the Kiwi's when my elbow spazzed and hit a stand of wine. In slow motion bottles began to rock and sway. One gave in a jumped off the shelf. CRASH! The bottle went everywhere! Wine was in my shoe on my pants ALL over the floor. I took a breath and looked up to see a young lady giving me the "WEll, she doesn't belong" look as she turned up her nose and walked away. I felt like a bull in a china shop! Thank God one of the employees ran to my rescue and assured me it was ok. I high tailed it out of that department squishy shoe and all and tried not to break anything else!