Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010

I would be remiss in my duties as a food blogger (not to mention my Irish ancestors would haunt me) if I didn't mention St. Patrick's Day. A day celebrated by partaking of lots of food and beer, festivites and rejoicing.

The Irish have celebrated this day for over 1000 years, typically by attending church in the a.m. (It's during Lent afterall) and frolicking and gorging in the evening on beer, bacon and cabbage. (The beer is a more modern tradition as up until the 1980's, pubs in Ireland were closed on this day). It's now a global phenomenon celebrated by people not strictly of Irish decent.

March 17th marks the death of St. Patrick, originally English born, and a much exagerated figure in christian tales and Irish lore. St. Patrick is credited with turning the wild Irish lands from pagans to christianity by using the practices and celebrations they were accustomed to, to celebrate christian principles. I guess to put it simply, he was the savior of Irish souls. (I'm not sure why he is celebrated with food and green beer but whatever floats your little Irish boat. Don't argue with an irishman, we're mean suckers.)

So tonight, while I feast on fried cabbage and onions, I will remember those who braved the seas to come to this new world and a man, who was called by God to show his people the way to salvation. So while you toast with your green beer, toast to St. Patrick, a man of myth and legend who walked the green path of salvation.

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Stephen said...

But you never said if you had any green beer. Come to think of it, I don't believe I have ever seen you drink beer either. Love you!