Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday

Unfortunately I have not planned out my menu very well this week for many reasons.

a) this is a short week as I'm off on Good Friday and will be shopping and baking for the Easter weekend, so I'm only thinking of food till Thursday night as the weekend is seperate in my mind this week.

b) we had tornadoes come through last night and we lost power. I did not get a chance to fix dinner and as we are still without power I may lose a good bit of my fridge and freezer foods. They told us this morning they have no idea when we will regain power.

So here's a tentative plan:

If my fridge items are okay:
Make the chicken burgers with coleslaw and sweet potato biscuits we didn't get to make last night.

If my freezer items are okay:
Make the Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie we didn't get to this weekend.

A large pot of spaghetti which will go for a few days.

I'll do a seperate post for Easter Weekend.

What's on your Menu this week?


Amanda said...

I didn't really plan much either bc the boyfriend and I were sick all weekend. As of right now I've got turkey burgers planned and a few grill recipes I want to try. I also picked up some fresh green beans this weekend so those might go with the turkey burgers!

Sharlene T. said...

Gonna follow your site. Hello from Lady Bloggers Society! Hope you can visit me, too! Now, I'm off to check your blog...