Friday, March 12, 2010

J & S Farm at The Farmer's Market

Finally, was able to post a new article on The Examiner about my current favorite vendor at the local Farmer's Market: J & S Farm.

To make things easy: here is a preview of my article. I would appreciate a click though! Check it out! Also, photo's courtesy of the talented Mrs. Beth.

Have you ever found the perfect antique treasure under a pile of mediocre refuse in a dusty old shop? The J & S Booth tucked into the back right corner of the Farmer's Market Indoor Building is like that.

At first glance, you see a dusty sign emblazoned with a folksy rooster, shelves and a few baskets of goods. Don't let the lack of large bins full of colorful vegetable and fruit glory fool you. This is a veritable gold mine of country goodness. Ostrich, buffalo, turkey, chicken, beef, cheeses and breads from various farms and in various forms are stuffed into freezer cases lining the booth. Homemade pimento cheese, milk, goat cheese, eggs and bundles of herbs abound in the refridgerator.

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