Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eat This Not That

Yesterday, two of my girlfriends and I drove to Charlotte/Concord area to surprise another friend for her birthday. We truly had a girl's day out. No husbands or kids. We vented, we caught up, we had a lunch, icecream and walked the big mall. It was so much fun.

On the way down, T brought out the Eat This Not That book. We looked up the resteraunt to see what would be better menu choices. I was ASTOUNDED at what was the worst choice: Veggie and Turkey burgers. They load them with such horrible fillers to get the taste that those items are the highest calorie and fat options on the menu!

This sparked a whole rampage through this book glaring at our favorite places and menu options. I am going to have to completely re-think the way I eat. (which I knew this but was too lazy until it slapped me in the face how truly horrible it was). I did refuse to look at Starbucks because, well, I just don't want to know. LOL

I did look up the entire menu/allergen/nutrition info for Ruby Tuesdays for those of you who love this place. I was a little shocked that the resteraunt so famous for "THE GARDEN BAR" would be one of the worst score recievers. Be careful what you eat. If you aren't making it home made you have NO CLUE what they put into their foods. For people like my friend Sarah who can't have gluten, or Tonya who has to relearn to eat because of her DH's type 2 diabetes, or Brandi who is vegetarian, its very important to know WHAT is in your food. For me, I need to know healthier options to control my weight. WE ALL need to watch what we eat and I highly recommend this book for a quick reference to healthier options and hidden sins in our food.

Ruby Tuesday can still be a good place to eat for your family but I recommend the peppercorn steak with a side of smashed cauliflour and sweet potato (leave off the butter and sugar). Be careful of Salad Bars and go for the fresh veggies and fruits, stay away from the creamed dressings (which I failed miserably at yesterday).

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