Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Battle Plan

The month of November brings the Holiday Craziness to fruition. Being the master of to do lists, I believe in OVER organization. Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes despite my best intentions, it all goes wrong. (see my disaster of a garden attempt this year).

I'm fairly on point for the Holidays but as they are fast approaching I can slowly feel that my prep work isn't enough and I will be overwhelmed and not get it all done. Before you know it, the holidays will be gone and I will have a blur to remember them by and once again say " I didn't get to do such and such."

Plan of Attack:
1st week: Nail down plans for Thanksgiving and start putting together menu.
Start watching sales for ingredients.
Gather recipes
Update Address Book

2nd Week: Put together a Comprehensive Ingredient List and Chore List
Check Linens, towel supply etc. for guests.

3rd Week:
Pantry Check
Grocery List
Weekend Before: DOUBLE CHECK that everything is purchased
Create Christmas Card List

Suggestion: If you traditionally put up your Christmas Decorations Thanksgiving weekend and you are hosting family from out of town, you may want to put the Outside String lights up before so you do not have to neglect guests to climb on the roof (Or listen to your grandpa instruct you on how to do it while pointing with his cane).

Tuesday before Thanksgiving: Bake cakes, muffins etc. that will keep.
Make sure Turkey is thawing.
Thaw out other ingredients for Dinner

Night Before:
Brine Turkey.
Put together Cranberry Salad/Gel.
Prep any dishes that can be made ahead of time and just pop them in the oven on the day of!
Set out Piles of Platters and Plates so you aren't hunting for serving items the day of during the hectic cooking and guest greeting!

Thanksgiving Day:
Wake up thirty minutes before the family and guests. Get a quick workout/walk in and spend some time collecting yourself over a cup of coffee and muffin before beginning the day!

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