Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chicken Basil Pannini

I decided to get creative and put my Pampered Chef Grill press to the test! I love pannini's but don't have a real pannini press so here is my version: Grill boneless, skinless chicken breast (in grill pan) in about a tablespoon of olive oil. after cooking the chicken wipe out the pan and put back on the burner with the press top inside to heat the top as well. Cut open a loaf of italian bread and one one side completely cover bread with Basil pesto. Layer cheese of your choice over pesto (I used white American but a stronger cheese such as colby jack would be great) and top with slices of red onion. Top with chicken breast (whole or slices) and cover with the bread. Use butter on both top and bottom of bread and place in grill pan and press the top down...cook on medium/high for one minute or two and flip if needed for another one or two minute until bread is grilled and cheese is melted. I sliced into inch sandwiches and served hot....it was very good!!

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