Friday, February 29, 2008

Comfort Food: Cheeseburgers

There are some days, when you just want your favorite childhood food or cozy foods. One of mine is home made cheeseburgers. I have fond memories of my father grilling burgers, errr, rather burning burgers on the grill. My father wasn't the best with the grill, everything was slightly charred, but it is a memory I always carry in my heart, and probably the reason I always requested to grill out for my birthday. Springtime, family gathered, grill smoking, my mom forming the hamburgers, dad smacking her butt as he takes the plate out to the and there any better mix? I have perfected my mom's hamburgers over the years, and fortunately, I'm better on a grill as well, but I can never eat a homemade hamburger without getting the warm fuzzies.


2 lbs ground chuck
One packet Vegetable Dip Mix
1/4 cup Oats (For Gluten Free you can use an extra egg and leave the oats out)
One egg, beaten
Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl....and mix well..make sure all the veggie dip powder is mixed into all the meat well. Divide into 6 portions, for portions into balls and then press down for a on grill (works well in grill pan for a winter feel good fix ;) and after a few minutes flip. I sometimes flip two or three times to keep from burning any part. As soon as you flip for the last time, or take them off the grill, cover each one with your preferred cheese. I use colby jack.

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